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Loose Bodies
Item No Description Price Purchase
DAM4-P050 Dbl Pistol Magazine Pouch Black (DAM-93008, DAM-93007, DAM-93014)
DAM4-P100 Medic Backpack-OD (DAM-93008)
DAM4-P101 3 Day Backpack-OD (DAM-93014)
DAM4-P110 FSBE2 Backpack-Coyote w/Hydration Tube (DAM-78006)
DAM4-P111 FSBE2 Force Recon Dump Pouch-Coyote (DAM-78006)
DAM4-P112 FSBE2 Waist Bag/Fanny Pack-Coyote (DAM-78006)
DAM4-P200 LC2 2 qt Canteen w/Pouch OD (DAM-93008)
DAM4-P201 LC2 Canteen w/Pouch OD (DAM-93007)
DAM4-P202 LC2 Canteen w/Pouch OD Weathered (DAM-93018)
DAM4-P210 LC2 Buttpack OD (DAM-93007)
DAM4-P211 M56 Buttpack OD (DAM-93018)
DAM4-P212 M36 Pattern M15 Rifle Grenade Sight Pouch - OD (POUCH ONLY)
DAM4-P215 LC2 Strobe Pouch OD (DAM-93018)
DAM4-P300 MOLLE Ammo Pouch Woodland 2x (DAM-93008)
DAM4-P350 GNE2 Fastmag M4 Magazine Pouch 3x-Black (DAM-SF001)
DAM4-P400 M203 Grenade Bandolier Coyote (DAM-78007)
DAM4-P500 Hydration Backpack-Black (DAM-SF001)
DAM4-P900 Gerber Tool Pouch - Black (DAM-78008)
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