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Loose Bodies
Item No Description Price Purchase
DAM4-Y010 Pants Belt Black (DAM-93001, DAM-93002, DAM-93008, DAM-93007, DAM-SF001, DAM-93014,DAM-93018,DAM-78015)
DAM4-Y011 Pant Belt-Coyote (DAM-78006,DAM-78014)
DAM4-Y012 Pant Belt-Tan (DAM-78008)
DAM4-Y040 Rigger's Belt-Coyote (DAM-78006)
DAM4-Y040 Rigger's Belt-Coyote (DAM-78006, DAM-78007)
DAM4-Y041 Rigger's Belt-Black (DAM-93015)
DAM4-Y050 Web Belt-Black (DAM-93007)
DAM4-Y051 Web Belt-Black (DAM-78008)
DAM4-Y060 Padded Web Belt-Black (DAM-SF001)
DAM4-Y080 LC2 "Alice" Web Belt-Cloth-OD (DAM-93018)
DAM4-Y090 Combat Suspenders-Coyote (DAM-78006)
DAM4-Y100 Woodland Ranger Body Armor (DAM-93001, DAM-93002)
DAM4-Y200 LC2 "Alice" Webgear Set-OD (4x Ammo, 2x Canteen & Pouch,1x Strobe Pouch, 1x Butt Pack) (DAM-93001)

LC2 "Alice" Webgear Set-OD (2x Ammo, 2x Canteen & Pouch, 1x Strobe Pouch, 1x Butt Pack) (DAM-93002)

DAM4-Y202 LC2 "Alice" Webgear Set-Woodland/OD (2x Ammo, 1x Canteen & Pouch, 1x Butt Pack) (DAM-93014)
DAM4-Y300 M203 Grenadier Vest (DAM-93002)
DAM4-Y350 Body Armor (Tan) (DAM-78008)
DAM4-Y351 Defender-2 Body Armor (OD) (DAM-78015)
DAM4-Y400 OD Tactical Vest (DAM-93008)
DAM4-Y420 Sniper Vest-OD (DAM-93018)
DAM4-Y500 Custom LBV Harness-Woodland (DAM-93007)
DAM4-Y600 Modular Body Armor Vest MBAV Coyote w/Pouches (DAM-78007)
DAM4-Y605 Modular Body Armor Vest ISPC Coyote w/Pouches (DAM-78014)
DAM4-Y630 Rhodesian Recon Chest Rig Tan w/Pouches & Hydration (DAM-78008)
DAM4-Y700 LBT-1195J Rifleman Floating Harness-Woodland w/2x 1qt Canteen (DAM-93015)
DAM4-Y750 Body Armor w/Lower Groin & Shoulder Protection (Black) (DAM-SF001)
DAM4-Y751 SPOSN MOLLE Base Vest w/Web Belt, 13x Pouches, Hydration Pack & MOLLE Leg Panel (Black) (DAM-78015)
DAM4-Y800 Plate Carrier JPC-Multi-Cam w/Pouches (DAM-78006)
DAM4-Y850 Navy UDT Life Preserver-Grey (DAM-93015)
DAM4-Y900 Dropdown Shotgun Shell Leg Pouch-Black (DAM-93007)
DAM4-Y901 Talon Dropdown Magazine Leg Pouch-Black (DAM-SF001)
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